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My article ‘Touch as techne: rethinking digitality’ has been just published in Digital Creativity…

My article ‘Touch as techne: rethinking digitality’ – which is about my research on ‘inner technologies’ has been just published in Digital Creativity  (in a  special edition on Arts and Ecology) Volume 26 No.(Taylor and Francis publishers)…

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Emerging art and science collaborations are creating a ‘music of the spheres’ – but is it harmonious?

Collaborative projects between artists and scientists are an increasing trend (popularly known as ‘hybrid art’), producing all manner of things audio-visual. Looking at the works that are emerging, from ‘sci-art’ exhibitions at the Wellcome Trust to experiemental New York project spaces, I wonder if the collaborative relationship is always an equal one.

Often the science – art collaborations I have researched are characterized by resultant popularizations of scientific aims and technological ‘advances’ , having not nearly begun to scientifically explore the creative process that artists are uniquely able to contribute towards.  However, interesting projects like those by artist Elisa Da Prado see: and Professor Dan Lloyd see:  Music of the  Hemispheres – their work travels towards a different horizon, where art and science are becoming indistinguishable. Have a look and you tell me what you think!