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Pictures from a recent talk I gave at ‘Le Sujet Digital: Temporalités III, Université Paris VIII, November 12-14

For information on the bilingual conference on art, science and the digital/temporal subject, see:

and for the programme:



IMG_20141112_092004 IMG_20141112_094310



One of my recent articles has just been published in the new peer reviewed art journal ELSE :)


ELSE – a peer-reviewed International Journal of Art, Literature, Theory and Creative Media has just released its first issue (issue 0) titled, ‘Trans-“What”?’. The publication responds to the question of what ‘Trans’ means within creative practice (and is visually stunning too). My article ‘Touching as Listening: A Translational Encounter Between Art, Science, East, West, Self and Other’ is one of the many interesting artistic and theoretical explorations of transdisciplinary practice in this inaugural issue, so please take a look!


New Year – New Work

From this week (December 20th) onwards, I will be collaborating with sound artist Iris Garrelfs who is currently an AHRC PhD research fellow at LCC in London where she also lecturers on the BA Sonic Art course. This project will take my research into new directions – instead of talking pulses and composing, I will be treating Iris with acupuncture – as a form of [ethical] experimental performance study into infrasound, i.e., I will  prescribe/select points along the body to direct the oscillations of Iris’s qi into generating a resonant field that is health giving and Iris will create unique soundscapes and recordings in response. Can’t wait to see/hear the work as it unfolds!

See Iris’s extraordinary work and doctoral research here:


My article, ‘Touching as Listening: Pulse Project’ is now published in the Journal of Sonic Studies!!!


‘Touching as Listening: Pulse Project’ has just been published in the 4th issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies. Access the article by clicking here.

The article presents my doctoral creative practice research project, Pulse Project (2011 -) and its exploration of the social interfaces between self and other, art and science, contemporary western music composition and traditional Chinese medicine. Pulse Project interrogates the axioms underpinning contemporary art, medicine and digital technology through exploration of their corollary ‘other’ – pre-modern Chinese medicine and music theory – in order to generate a new approach to embodiment and soundscape composition.


Fluxing the Manifesto! Re-working the Artist/Audience Divide. See:

In January I was very kindly asked to take part in an event called ‘Future Fluxus’, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Fluxus, by organiser, curator and director of Cambridge’s Visualise public art program Bronac Ferran.

Conducting my performance as research, I asked members of the audience to re-work and rethink George Manciuna’s fluxus manifesto. Below is my ‘instruction piece’ and the audience responses which together recreated and documented a contemporary interpretation of Fluxus:

Here is George Manciuna’s original:      Here is my instruction piece for Fluxus participants:


Below (and the one displayed at the top of this post) is the body of work not only ‘completed’ as per instruction but recreated and reinterpreted by the Future Fluxus ‘audience’ –








Here is a link to the event:

Valleys and Vistas: A Small Survey of California’s Digital Landscape

Last month I visited California to speak with artists, writers, researchers and directors – working in both historic and vanguard forms of digital media – to get a bird’s eye view of the paths being forged into the past, present and future within the fields of art and technology.

The following posts will feature a series of interviews and reports on my travels from the hills of Berkeley, Stanford University in the Silicone Valley, to the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) in paradisal La Jolla, San Diego.

Beginnings – an inaugural post to introduce my new work and research.

Just a few short months ago I was astounded and elated to have been awarded a full PhD Studentship in the Digital Humanities at CoDE  – the Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute. CoDE is a new multidisciplinary department established at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK and I am their first (PhD) research student.

For info on CoDE see:


I am an American artist and lecturer – also extensively trained in health sciences (Chinese Medicine and biomedicine) which inform my practice. I work mainly in sound – video installation, performance and writing (both in academic and ‘art writing’ forms) and my current PhD project researches, from a post-feminist point of view, ways to reflect tacit interior bodily experience through making connections between art and science, touch, the body and technology.

My Research Interests:

Performative and site-specific sound art – rhythmic soundscapes using binaural and 3-D sound -art and biomedical interdisciplinary collaboration – eastern and western notions of the body/mind- embodiment and digital media – art practice-as-research.

My project –

Using pulse and pulsation as theme to explore the following:

– Embodied pulse and pulsation through the creation of visual and sonic art works (practiced-based arts research).

– Development of interdisciplinary collaborative projects (both locally and internationally) involving the arts, sciences and the humanities (i.e., art creation in relation to nanotechnology, neuroscience, etc).

This blog commences the charting of my research and exploits as a Digital Humanities researcher at ARU for the next three years.