The exploits and musings of an artist-acupuncturist, lecturer and researcher at CoDE, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge, UK.


Pulse Project at 4DSOUND Budapest!

2015-09-08 12.14.01

Between 7/09 and 13/09 I am in Budapest on a residency at the new 4DSOUND studios (which is a truly AMAZING experience in terms of the possibilities of sculpting sound in space-time – the photo only gives a small sense of the cathedral-like scope of the space) as part of their ‘Circadian’ programme – read about it here (you will need to scroll down a bit to find info on my project here):

2015-09-08 12.06.52

Throughout the week I will be putting videos (as I cannot upload them here) of this project on my Facebook page – see:

More soon!!


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