The exploits and musings of an artist-acupuncturist, lecturer and researcher at CoDE, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge, UK.


Paper presentations over the summer and autumn

Confirmation of PhD Candidature at Anglia Ruskin University – October/November.

The Noises of Art: Audiovisual Practice in History, Theory, and Culture at The School of Art, Aberystwyth University, Wales. In collaboration with the Courtauld Institute of Art, London and the Aberystwyth Art Centre. September 4-6th.

Noises of Art

Trans-What? An international conference on transdisciplinarity, part of the Transartfest Art Biennial, Transart Institute, Berlin. July 27th-August 9th.


‘Touching as Listening: Pulse Project’, at the Litmus Test – a science themed discussion salon. The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green, London. July 11th.

Art Science talk at the litmus test


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